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Halifax Plantation Niners
June 2018

There have been a number of chip-ins made lately; by Jean Klanica, Sue Alice Shambora, Carol Miskewitz, Marilyn Houst, Ginny Hamill, Nancy Dostie, Ann Trank and Sandy Julian. Nancy Dostie burned up the course that day with a birdie besides the chip-in. Way to go, Nancy!

Our winners for lowest putts were Joan Roberti , first place, Ginny Hamill , second , with Betty Doherty placing third. Low net score winners were: Jean Klanica 1st, Helen Tyson 2nd, with Ann Trank coming in 3rd.

The winning team for the Shamrock Ball Tournament consisted of Betty Doherty, Barbara Lentner, and Helen Tyson. Double Bogey winners were Sue Alice Shambora, Marilyn Houst, Virginia Weingartner, and Eileen Williams.

For anyone who is thinking about joining, you can contact Nancy Dostie or Virginia Weingartner ( 386-676-2477).